Great Ways to Improve Your BJJ Game

One of the most important and good things about martial arts is there is always room for improvement. Either you are a black belt or have worn a martial arts GI for the first time. With that in mind, you should always consider for improvement. So, we bring you these great ways you can improve your BJJ game.

Consistency with training

Being non-consist can eat your skills but training 7 days a week is also not possible. 4 or 5 days of training a week are ideal but you can reduce that to 3 if you are super busy. Make whatever routine you are comfortable with and stick to it. In the begging,your body might get sore making you feel fatigued but remember that is the part of the training. Just push yourself through it.

Practice solo

BJJ is one of the sports that requires training partner but there are many skills that can be improved without a partner. There are many drills you can perform alone to improve your techniques and improve as a BJJ artist. If you don’t have the time or place to practice at home just get to the gym a few minutes early and use that time to practice solo. Practice a technique for a week then move on to the next.

Change your training partner

BJJ is not BJJ without a good training partner that is why choosing a good one will enhance your skills. There is always someone better than you, even if you are a black belt. Anequally or better-skilled training partner will help you reach the full potential and you can go all out. This is also one of the reasons you have to choose your BJJ gym and training partners very carefully.

Extra practice

The might be over but the practice is not just over yet so you better not take off your BJJ GI and go a few rounds after the class is over. Or you can do this before the class starts. Now you would need your training partner so better talk to someone and get better together.

Don’t merely come for the class and senselessly repeat things you did tomorrow. It is true that we will progress by being in class but the extra practice, sparring, training and trying to master some technique will improve your game quickly. So, open your mind for learning and do extra training before or after class.

EBI overtime rounds

The catch here is EBI overtime round is a great way to practice escaping submissions. EBI overtime rounds are when a competitor is allowed to start from an advantageous position and attempt for a submit without losing the position while you try to escape the submission get out of the danger zone. This is being used competition BJJ more and more. This way you will become better at escaping these situations and get better at defending yourself. Practice these more and more, even during the training sessions if you have the opportunity to do so go for it. This will improve your techniques, anticipation, and timing.

Pre and post-workout stretching

Stretching is very important before the workout as well as after the workout. Before you put your rash guard on and get straight into sparring or training take some time to easy off your muscles and get the blood pumping so the body is ready to train. This is one of the most important ways to improve. You might already know it but are ignoring the importance. There are many benefits of stretching the most important of which is it will prevent your muscles and joints from getting injured. So, make sure to do some pre-workout and post-workout BJJ stretching.

Strength workouts

Focusing on just the training and practice we often forget there are other ways to improve yourself as a BJJ martial artist. Strength trading and workouts are those external ways we are talking about. The majority of BJJ students just go to class and some train before and after the class but don’t look for an alternate way to progress. BJJ is about being strong so the stronger your physical ability the better you would be able to attack and defend like grapple and escape submissions.

The strength training alone is of course not enough but enough to improve your strength. The goal of strength training is to improve the strength-to-weight ratio and not obtain mass. This will make you stronger in your weight class thus you would have an upper hand.

These are some of the best ways to improve yourself as a BJJ practitioner, in our opinion. You can look for other ideas as well to improve yourself. Keep on advancing and never let the learning stop.